Friday, December 31, 2010

Yeni Yıl Şarkısı/New Year Song

As I don't like New Year celebrations a bit, I wasn't thinking of writing a New Year post, but since I listened to this song yesterday at the radio, I must have put it in the blog before I forgot, so Patricia Kaas sings "He talks of love, it's like he's talking about cars" or the real name "That Guy of Mine"

Yeni yıl kutlamasını hiç sevmediğimden yeni yıl temalı bir yazı yazma niyetim yoktu, ama dün bu şarkıyı radyoda dinleyince unutmadan hemen blog'a koymalıyım dedim. Ne demiş Patricia Kaas "Aşktan arabalardan bahsettiği gibi bahsediyor" ya da şarkının asıl adı "Benim Adam"....


He plays with my heart
He toys with my life
He's full of lying words
And I believe whatever he says

The songs he sings me
The dreams m
ade for two
It's like mint candy -
It feels good when it rains.
I make up stories
As I listen to his voice.
These stories, they're not true,
But I believe them


That guy of mine,
He tells me of adventures,
And when they shine in his eyes
It's there I want to stay the night.
When he talks of love
It's like he's talking about cars,
And I follow whenever he wants
That's how much I trust what he tells me,
That's how much I trust what he tells me...
Oh, yeah,

That guy of mine.

The way he has of being mine
Without ever saying "I love you" -
It's pure cinem
But it's all the same to me.
That old black-and-white film
That he's played for me dozens of times,
It's Jean Gabin and Michele Morgan..
Well, or something just like that.
He makes up stories,
Exotic fantasies,
They're not tru
e, these stories
But I believe them.

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