Thursday, August 20, 2009

Elusive Side of Love

-I’m tired of waking up under the same sky every day and trying to find the stars behind the skyscrapes every night!

-You search for the stars in the wrong place!

-I think I lost my way...

-These don’t belong to your world. They are frivolous butterflies that suddenly disappear from the sky and place themselves in someone’s eyes.

-Then, they must go to the soul from there.

-The soul is the final destination to every thing, but most people die without being able to touch one.

-What happens to the few lucky-ones?

-They live forever in the fire of love.

The guy gets a smoke from his cigarette and looks directly to her eyes.

-You look like you’re searching for something there…

-I put two little flowers there once, so you could look at the world in my eyes. But you treated that very badly; all the petals are already fallen.

-Is this the end of their season?

The guy gets peeved. He starts to look to his cigarette:

-You cannot measure anything’s season with years! If you could look at your vicinity carefully, you could find the course of existence of the centuries there.

-How someone can stay intact, when the living is so limited? And what good does it come out of lives this simple?

-Your masks seem pretty torn out, beware! You’re about to release the monster inside!

-What monster do you speak of? Is this a new excuse you design to hurt me?

-Am I the one who hurt the other in this relationship? You loved me so clumsily…

-Do I start to give you trouble now?

-Trouble? When tearing my soul wasn’t enough, you scattered the rest to the wind. It is impossible to gather them together for me now… I need to build a cocoon for the little life I left with now.

-What can come up from this cocoon after so much time?

-A little butterfly!

-You choose to live a one-day life instead of staying with me then.

-You cannot be more wrong! I told you, a life cannot be measured with the minute hand. And yes, I’m choosing a day of freedom, rather then eternal prison.

-You are leaving…

-Is there anything left that keeps me here?

The woman stands up angrily.

-How many weeks before did you erase me completely?

-You should keep your mask on, since you represented yourself only with it.

-I couldn’t figure out that you’d leave me ultimately naked. What is so bad about what’s inside my mask anyway?

-My ability to love that you kill and your selfishness that fades your beauty.

-Everyone is selfish. This comes from our nature and it’s indestructible!

-Don’t decrease yourself for the love of everything that we been through, don’t you thing that these excuses are a little too used? How do you suppose to love someone without destroying your selfishness?

-All the answers create new questions, this goes nowhere. I cannot even see where we came from any more; we are so apart from each other.

-The best thing to do is to go…

So, while the woman goes to find new stars, two souls diminished from the flame of eternity.

Turkish original in the previous post.....

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