Thursday, August 20, 2009

Untitled, You

The first poem by me who cannot write poems, and the translation is also done by me (who cannot do poem translations:P) Enjoy!

Your eyes, creating the meaning in my deep dark life,
Its gleam, a little star on the skyline.
Your eyes shines the hope on my darkness inside,
-Oh, and if the sleeps that takes them away would resist!

Your tongue, in exile to novice thruces.
Your tongue, all childish, asks for the peace to forgotten verses.
Your tongue, an orphan, in silent, ferocious climates,
-Oh, and if the sperations wouldn’t exist!

The days tears you apart from me,
At the end of sinful-considered nights.
Your eyes are now condemned to lonely nights,
Without me.
-Oh, and if those prudes would just vanish!

But your skin is apart, my skin is seperate.
Your loving is different, marginal, maybe even naïve.
Mine is silent, calm, feeble,
-Oh, and if the feat that gnaws our fleshes would be dismissed!

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