Thursday, August 20, 2009

Starry Eyed Boy

There was a tiny star at the bottom of the Milky Way, who waned centuries ago. While shining insignificantly as usual, the star suddenly slid to the Earth; into a 3 year-old boy’s eyes.

When the boy returned home, his momma asked him why he was so happy; the boy explained the star to his momma, with the language of some small country, where a rainbow is never seen. He told of his star to everyone, but no one believed.

The little boy grew, like a tiny tree in a large forest. Just before he blossomed, men with gleaming eyes surrounded him. But it was obvious that weren't stars falling from the sky, causing the glints; they were a cold black, like the shadow of a fire captured all these eyes. The fire fell from their eyes to their hands; becoming an axe, a lethal weapon. A weapon turned crimson red and murdered.

A shadow darker than the night fell over a world long forgotten; starting the war. Clouds quickly cloaked the sky; even the stars always visible to human eye disappeared.

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