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Fotoğraflı Cumalar/ Photography Fridays- World Press Photo Competition 2010

Bu hafta 'Fotoğraflı Cumalar'ı , benim her yıl takip ettiğim, elli ikinci 'World Press Photo' yarışmasının kazanan fotoğraflarına ayırıyorum.

This week, we have the winners of the 52th 'World Press Photo' competition that I follow every single year.

World Press Photo of the Year 2009,
Pietro Masturzo, Italy
From the rooftops of Tehran, June

1st prize Spot News Singles
Adam Ferguson, Australia, VII Mentor Program for The New York Times
Afghan woman rushed from the scene of a suicide bombing, Kabul, 15 December

1st prize Spot News Stories
Walter Astrada, Argentina, Agence France-Presse
Bloodbath in Madagascar, February

1st prize General News Singles
Kent Klich, Sweden
Gaza photo album: Tuzzah, Gaza Strip, 3 March

1st prize General News Stories
Marco Vernaschi, Italy, for Pulitzer Center
Guinea Bissau

2nd prize People in the News Singles
David Guttenfelder, USA, The Associated Press
US soldiers respond to Taliban fire outside their bunker, Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, 11 May

1st prize People in the News Stories
Charles Ommanney, United Kingdom, Getty Images for Newsweek
Inauguration Day, Washington DC, 20 January

1st prize Sports Action Singles
Gareth Copley, United Kingdom, Press Association
England’s Jonathan Trott is run out at the fifth Ashes test match, London, August

1st prize Sports Action Stories
Donald Miralle, Jr., USA
Ironman World Championships, Hawaii

1st prize Sports Features Singles
Robert Gauthier, USA, Los Angeles Times Magazine
Yankee fans try to distract Angels left fielder Juan Rivera, Yankee Stadium, 25 October

1st prize Sports Features Stories
Elizabeth Kreutz, USA
Lance Armstrong’s comeback

1st prize Contemporary Issues Stories
Eugene Richards, USA, Reportage by Getty Images for The Sunday Times Magazine/Paris Match
War Is Personal, USA

2nd prize Contemporary Issues Singles
Stefano De Luigi, Italy, VII Network for Le Monde Magazine
Giraffe killed by drought, northeast Kenya, September

1st prize Daily Life Stories
Gihan Tubbeh, Peru
Adrian, 13-year old autist

 2nd prize Daily Life Singles
Joan Bardeletti, France
Sunday picnic, Mozambique

 1st prize Portraits Singles
Laura Pannack, United Kingdom, Lisa Pritchard Agency for The Guardian Weekend magazine
Graham, anorexic teenager

2nd prize Portraits Stories
Annie van Gemert, the Netherlands
Boys and girls

1st prize Arts and Entertainment Singles
Malick Sidibé, Mali, for The New York Times Magazine
Fashion portfolio: Prints and the Revolution, Mali

1st prize Arts and Entertainment Stories
Kitra Cahana, Canada, Fabrica for Colors
Rainbowland, New Mexico

1st prize Nature Singles
Joe Petersburger, Hungary, National Geographic
Hunting kingfisher, Hungary

1st prize Nature Stories
Paul Nicklen, Canada, National Geographic
South Georgia, Antartica

 Fotoğraflar: ©World Press Photo
Photos: ©World Press Photo

Benim favorilerim Charles Ommanney'in Obama fotoğrafıyla  Le monde'dan Stefano de Luigi'nin fotoğrafları. Ya sizinkiler?

My favorites are Charles Ommanney's photo of Obama and the photo of Stefano de Luigi from Le Monde. What about you?

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